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Group Retreats

Becoming the Heart of the Universe

A series of three retreats reflecting on our role as human beings in creation.

Kinship Retreat

Open your heart and embrace the fullness of community as revealed to us in the new story of the universe and in the myriad forms of life that thrive in intimate relationship with one another, with Earth, and with God. Reclaim your place in the web of life, and name the kinship that claims your soul.

Whole-day; overnight; extended. Group size 10-20. Jr. High-Adults. Fees vary with services.

Reverence Retreat

Bow your head in the presence of the sacred as you deepen your sense of the Sacred Mystery in all of creation. Name the holiness surrounding you, and mourn its desecration.

Whole-day; overnight; extended. Group size 10-20. Jr. High-Adults. Fees vary with services.

Covenant Retreat

Recommit yourself to intentional compassionate participation in the ongoing evolution of the universe. Claim the fullness of your humanity in the ecological relationships that define our existence and reveal the presence of the Christ among us in all of creation.

Whole-day; overnight; extended. Group size 10-20. Jr. High-Adults. Fees vary with services.

Living in Communion: A Reflection on Laudato Si’ and Our Role as Human Beings in Creation

Inspired by Pope Francis’s 2015 encyclical, Laudato Si’: On Care for Our Common Home, this retreat provides opportunities for deep reflection on the communion we share with other humans, with God, and with all creatures, the spirituality it engenders, and the response it requires of us.

Whole-day or overnight. Group size 10-24. High School-Adults. Fees vary with services. Great for staff retreats.

Work, Pray, Eat

Immerse yourself—body, mind, and spirit—in the life of Plowshares Farm as a window into the ecological web of life, our role in it, and the mystical realities it reveals. Engage in meaningful human-scaled farm work, spend some time in solitary woodland reflection, then share your experience over a simple meal.

Half-day. Group size 10-20; High School—Adults. $20/person.

Encountering the Spirit of Wildness

In this small group solo overnight experience, spend a night on a cot along the trail in a solitary encounter with the nocturnal woodland world. Open your senses and open your heart to the spirit of wildness we all share, and let it speak to you of our humanity and our understanding of God.

Overnight. Group size 3-5. Adults. $60/person.

Called to Be . . .

Especially useful as a youth Confirmation retreat, but a powerful opportunity to explore with any group the call to dream God’s dream for our lives. Active and reflective, this day presents a variety of activities aimed at helping young people recognize and respond to the life-changing presence of God’s love in their lives that connects them in service to the needs of the world.

Whole-day or overnight. Group size 10-20. Jr. high; high school. Fees vary with services.

Personal Retreat

Claim the retreat camp lodge for yourself and spend some time in solitude. Walk in the woods. Sit on the creek bank. Visit with livestock. Enjoy the warmth of an evening campfire. Write. Sing. Rest. Cook. Reflect. Pray.

Whole-day; overnight; extended. Adults. Fees vary with services.