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Farm Immersions

Group Farm Immersion

Engage in daily farm life while building a deeper sense of community, a living connection to the land, and an awareness of the sacredness revealed in it all. Simple work and encounters with livestock, accompanied by hearty meals and opportunities to learn, to reflect, and to enjoy one another’s company lend to an unforgettable experience. Simple accommodations are provided in the woodland retreat camp. Call for more details and a current fee schedule.

Jr. High-Adult Groups. 1-4 days. Fees vary with services.

Individual Farm Immersion

Want to use some vacation time in a unique way? Looking for a meaningful escape from your everyday realities? Want to get a taste of farm life before you take the plunge and buy a farm of your own? Whatever your reason, you can set up your own personal farm immersion to meet your needs. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss your options.

Minimum Age 21. 1-4 days. Fees vary with services.